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Dybuster at CGL Hauptseite

Computer-based Treatment for Learning Difficulties

Welcome to the homepage of the dyscalculia and dyslexia studies!

On this page you'll mainly find information about the dyscalculia software currently developed at CGL (Computer Graphics Lab) of ETH Zürich in a joint research project with the ETH-Spin-off Dybuster AG and external scientists. In two user studies the effectiveness of the software is evaluated.

Additionally, you will also find information about the dyslexia software Dybuster. Dybuster has also been developed at CGL since 2005. Several user studies (Study 2006 and Study 2008/09), conducted in collaboration with the neuropsychology institute of the university of Zürich, proved the effectiveness of the dyslexia software.

If you are interested in further information or have support questions about the dyslexia software, please visit the spin-offs website www.dybuster.com (dyslexia software and dyscalculia software) directly.