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Last Update: 16-Dec-2005

Structured Light Scanner

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According to the requirements of the 3D web content project, our implementation of a 3D scanner intends to be low-cost, flexible and practical. It consists of a projector, a camera and a turntable. The object is put on the turntable and rotated to desired positions. For each of these views, the object is reconstructed by the projector and the camera using structured light. Both, geometry and texture are reconstructed. Texture is reconstructed using either the Lambertian reflectance model or the Phong model. At the end, the point-based reconstructions produced by the single views are merged together to a single model. The models can then be post-processed using PointShop3D as described in [abstract] [PDF].

Project Status

Current activity includes:
  • GUI development
  • Optimization
  • Cleaning of code
  • Semester thesis: View planning
  • Semester thesis: Calibration of projector
  • Buying of hardware for additional installations at our application partners
Future activity:
  • Manual, Help System and FAQ
  • Satisfy demands of end-users
  • Further development, e.g. introduction of optional secondary camera
The prototype phase has ended. The system is being optimized regarding end-user usability, efficiency and storage requirements.


F. Sadlo, T. Weyrich, R. Peikert, M. Gross:
A Practical Structured Light Acquisition System for Point-Based Geometry and Texture.
Proceedings of the Eurographics Symposium on Point-Based Graphics '05, p. 89-98
(Stony Brook, USA, June 21-22, 2005)
Available files: [abstract] [PDF]


last modified: 2005-07-13