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ETH / CGL / teaching / game programming lab.
Game Programming Laboratory 07 - Results

The games:

Project Description
1) Battle Balls
    Daniel Egger
    Benjamin Berger
    Matthias Bühlmann  

Winner of the
Audience Award!

The game "Battle Balls" is a multiplayer party game. Each player is represented by an alien-vehicle in form of a tremendous ball. The game world is restricted to a rectangular area that represents a block of a giant city. At the edges of this rectangular game world are holes. The goal of the game is to survive battles between these alien balls. Players can push the other players off the game platform into the abyss or kill them using one of the power ups that are hidden in the game world.

Animation (.AVI)

5) Titor's Equilibrium
    Marino Alge
    Gioacchino Noris
    Alessandro Rigazzi

Winner of the
1. Jury Award!

Titor's equilibrium is a death match video-game based on physical interaction of rigid bodies. The game allows the players to fight against each other in a last man standing fight. The match entails some ghosts put into an hostile environment that forces them to find and infest some host objects, in which they are safe. Once inside a host, Jedi-like powers and time manipulation become the weapons which will be used to kick the other ghosts out of their hosts, and make them starve in the void.

Animation (.AVI)

6) S.P.H.E.R.E.S.
    Theodor Mader
    Roni Oeschger
    Thomas Oskam

Winner of the
2. Jury Award!

Spheres is a fast, entertaining action game. Each player controls a ┐super phast homogeneous ergonomic radiating extraterrestrial sphere, on a virtual arena floating in space. The objective of the game is to collect a coin on the map and deliver it to the base. At all times there is only one coin on the Map, so the players have to compete for it. While the player who is in possession of the coin tries to deliver it to the base, the other player can try to prevent him from doing so by either using power-ups placed on the map, or simply pushing him away.

Animation (.AVI)

2) Gravity Bound
    Henning Avenhaus
    Benjamin Schindler
    Basiel Fierz
The game is an arcade style game, which orients itself loosely on the old and famous arcade game "Bubble Bobble". Gravity bound is about a heroic drop of oil, named "Blob". He lives in a three- dimensional cubic world together with some monsters. He has several possibilities to move. He can "slime" forward, jump, crawl up walls and obstacles and he can slide over the ground.

Animation (.AVI)
3) Parasite Paradise
    Severin Obertüfer
    Johanna Wolf
    Daniel Wolfertshofer
The idea of this game is inspired by the PS2 game "Shadow of the Colossus" where the player has to defeat colossal enemies by climbing onto them and stabbing their weak points with a dagger. The game level is not a mere static landscape anymore, but a moving creature with new challenges to the player.

Animation (.AVI)
4) Speed Thugs
    Pascal Rota
    Jens Puwein
SpeedThugs is a futuristic high speed racing game. The player drives a hovercraft vehicle on a track that is located somewhere in outer space and tries to finish the track as fast as possible. Two tracks can be chosen. One has a simple oval shape, the other includes loopings, twists and bumps. Slowdown areas beneath the track boundaries make the vehicle slower.

Animation (.AVI)
7) T.B.D.
    Tyler Brandt
    Jackey Kim
    Rolf Weilenmann
Inspired by 2D arcade side-scrolling shooters, T.B.D. is an arcade-style 2-player side- scrolling jet shooter/bomber, with a heavy emphasis on cooperation between the players to survive and complete the missions, some of which will be exceedingly difficult without the combined abilities of both players.

Animation (.AVI)
ETH / CGL / teaching / game programming lab.