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Course Topics

Introduction to color theory, color spaces, transformations and projections, coordinate systems, homogeneous coordinates, quaternions, scan conversion of lines and polygons, 2D and 3D clipping algorithms, characterization of light sources, Gouraud shading, Phong shading model, interpolation methods, transparency and volume effects, texture mapping, environment and reflection mapping, hierarchical texture methods, image space filtering, anti-aliasing, culling techniques, level-of-detail rendering, shadows, and graphics hardware.


Introduction to computer graphics and image generation. We will give an overview of fundamental methods and algorithms. The practical exercises will teach the student how to program using a 3D graphics API (OpenGL).


Fundamentals of calculus and linear algebra, basic concepts of algorithms and data structures, basic programming skills in C.

Programming Contest Description | Contest | Administration

As previsouly announced, the lecture is concluded by a graphics programming contest. You are encouraged to use techniques presented in the lecture to develop some cool, good-looking "demo" programs.

Submission Guidelines

Please send your application by Monday, February 6, 12:00 noon, to, with a subject line containing "CONTEST". Note that the original deadline has been extended from February 3.

All submissions are required to contain the following material:

  • Complete source code.
  • A binary executable (either Win32 or Linux) that can readily be started.
  • An ASCII text file (no MS word, please) containing a short description of:
    • Features
    • Usage (command line, short-cuts, etc.)
    • System requirements (for instance, what kind of graphics card is required)

Please send us your material in a .zip, .tar.gz, or .tar.bz2 archive. Do not use any other formats.


All submissions are going to be evaluated for originality, technical quality, and aesthetic value. The winners will be presented in the lecture on Feburary 10 — attractive prizes are waiting for you ;-).


Here a the slide sets of this year's contestants:

And The Winners Are...

There has been a tie between two projects, so we are proud to present two winners of the contest:

Project "Snow Crystals" Project "x742"
by Remo Frey by Urs Dönni, Martin Seiler, Julian Tschannen

Congratulations, and thanks to all participants!

Administration Description | Contest | Administration
Lecturer Prof. Mark Pauly (
Assistants Tim Weyrich (
Dr. Mario Botsch (
Dr. Robert Sumner (
Thomas Oskam (
Location Course: IFW A36, Friday, 10-12
  Exercises: IFW A36, Friday, 12-13
Credits 5 credits