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Call for Papers Accomodations
Los Angeles, CA, USA August 10-11, 2008

Point-Based Graphics 2008 - Call for Papers

Co-sponsored by Eurographics and the
IEEE-CS Visualization and Graphics Technical Committee (VGTC)

The drive for increasingly complex 3D geometric models, especially those scanned from the real-world, has brought about a growing interest in methods that build on point primitives. Following the highly successful 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007 Symposia on Point-Based Graphics, the 5th symposium of its series, PBG08, aims to further demonstrate the applicability of point-based methods in modeling, rendering, and simulation, and in a wide range of application domains. PBG08 will take place in in Los Angeles, CA, USA, from August 9-10, 2008, co-located with ACM SIGGRAPH 2008 and co-organized with the International Symposium on Volume Graphics (VG08). We invite your original contributions in areas including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Data acquisition and surface reconstruction
  • Geometric modeling using point primitives
  • Sampling, approximation, and interpolation
  • Transmission and compression of point-sampled geometry
  • Rendering algorithms for point primitives
  • Geometry processing of point models
  • Topological properties of point clouds
  • Hardware architectures for point primitives
  • Animation and morphing of point-sampled geometry
  • Hybrid representations and algorithms
  • Use of point-based methods in real-world applications

PBG was established do develop and leverage the newly created field of point based graphics and to establish a community of its own. With the fifth symposium of this kind in 2008 and the broad spectrum of scientific publications on the subject, we believe that our initial mission is accomplished. At the same time we observe a natural evolution and confluence of point graphics and volume graphics into the broader field of "Sample Based Graphics". In order to address this development VG08 and PBG08 will organize a joint track on the topic to evaluate its suitability as new direction into which both symposia might evolve in the years to come.

Important Dates

9 May 2008 Electronic paper submission (23:59 PDT)
4 June 2008 Author notification
18 June 2008 Camera-ready copy


Conference Chairs:
Mario Botsch, ETH Zurich
Matthias Zwicker, University of California, San Diego

Papers Chairs:
Renato Pajarola, University of Zurich
Oliver Staadt, University of Rostock

Programm Committee

Bart Adams Nina Amenta
Kavita Bala Loic Barthe
Frederic Cazals Carsten Dachsbacher
Oliver Deussen Tamal Dey
Joachim Giesen Enrico Gobbetti
Meenakshisundaram Gopi Markus Gross
Gael Gunnebaud Leif Kobbelt
Piyush Kumar Anselmo Lastra
Yongwei Miao Torsten Moeller
Matthias Mueller Klaus Mueller
Vijay Natarajan Voicu Popescu
Werner Purgathofer Miguel Sainz
Bengt-Olaf Schneider Marc Stamminger
Alexandru Telea Matthias Teschner
Amitabh Varshney Luiz Velho
Michael Wand Tim Weyrich
Michael Wimmer Yanci Zhang