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The Computer Graphics Laboratory (cgl) was founded in 1994 by Prof. Markus Gross. Our research is devoted to the design of fundamental methods, algorithms and systems for computer graphics, geometric modeling, physics-based animation, image acquisition and generation, display, scientific visualization, and multimodal learning.
CGL has currently 18 Ph.D. students and 3 senior researchers. CGL collaborates with researchers, institutions, and industry from all over the world.
Since 1994, we published more than 500 peer reviewed scientific papers, graduated 70 Ph.D. Students, created 8 faculty, filed more than 60 patents, and founded 9 startup companies. For a survey of current research topics you might visit our research page. More detail can also be found on the personal homepage of Prof. Markus Gross.


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News and Achievements


Award for Paper:
The paper "Automated and Data-Driven Plate Computation for Presurgical Cleft Lip and Palate Treatment" by Schnabel et al. won the Intuitive Bench-to-Bedside Award at IPCAI 2023 as well as the Runner-up for the NDI Best Presentation Award.
Award for PhD Thesis:
Our graduate Gaspard Zoss has received the Eurographics Annual Award for Best PhD Thesis


Award for PhD Thesis:
Recent CGL graduate Gaspard Zoss has been awarded the ETH medal for his outstanding Ph.D. thesis
Award for Paper:
The paper "Implicit Neural Representation for Physics-driven Actuated Soft Bodies" by Yang et al. received an honorable mention at SIGGRAPH 2022.
Bringing a smile to your face:
A collaboration between CGL and Align Technology


Acatech Membership:
Prof. Markus Gross has joined the German Academy of Science and Engineering (acatech).
Dandelion Entrepreneurship Award 2021:
Prof. Markus Gross has won the Dandelion Entrepreneurship Award 2021 for the Computer Science Department at ETH Zurich.
SCA Early Career Researcher Award:
Former CGL researcher Vinicius da Costa de Azevedo has received the SCA Early Career Researcher Award.
Award for PhD Thesis:
Recent CGL graduate Pelin Dogan Schönberger has won the ARD/ZDF Förderpreis award for her outstanding Ph.D. thesis.
EuroVis Best Ph.D. Dissertation Award:
Recent CGL graduate Irene Baeza Rojo received the EuroVis Best Ph.D. Dissertation Award for her outstanding Ph.D. thesis.
ACM SIGGRAPH 2021 Steven Anson Coons Award:
In this article, Markus Gross is presented with the ACM SIGGRAPH 2021 Steven Anson Coons Award for outstanding creative contributions to computer graphics.
Award for Paper:
The paper “Honey I Shrunk the Domain: Reduced Domain Decomposition for Efficient Optimization of Fluids” by Tang et al. won the Best Paper Award at Eurographics 2021.
Award for PhD Thesis:
Recent CGL graduate Thomas Müller received the Honorable Mention Award at Eurographics 2021 for his outstanding Ph.D. thesis.


Membership Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences:
In this article, Markus Gross has been invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as a 'Member-at-Large' based on his scientific and technical contributions.
LinkedIn posts on future AI:
In a sequence of four LinkedIn posts, Markus Gross talks about the future of artificial intelligence, in specific directions of extended reality (XR), telepresence, digital humans, and avatar personalities.
Venturelab article:
In this Venturelab article Markus Gross talks about animation technologies, his role as an ETH influencer and universities rankings.


Award for PhD thesis:
Recent CGL graduate Simone Schaub was awarded an ETH medal for her outstanding Ph.D. thesis.
Inductee into IEEE Visualization Academy:
Markus Gross is among the thirty-two computer visualisation leaders who have been inducted into the IEEE Visualization Academy. The Academy recognises individuals who have made substantial contributions to the field of visualization.
Board Member at RETHINK:
Markus Gross joined RETHINK as a board member. RETHINK is a future-oriented non-commercial, non-partisan think-and-do tank of ETH Zurich for design thinking with artificial intelligence.
Membership ACM SIGGRAPH Academy:
This year Markus Gross has been selected as a member of the ACM Siggraph Academy for his contributions to point-based graphics, 3D capture and video technology, and physics-based animation, and for founding an influential industrial research laboratory. The ACM SIGGRAPH Academy recognizes individuals who have made substantial contributions to the field of computer graphics and interactive techniques.
Tech Oscar:
Markus Gross and his co-inventors were awarded the Technical Achievement Award for their Medusa Performance Capture system.