Computer Graphics Laboratory ETH Zurich


Industry Partners



Startup Companies

2018 Animatico AG Animatico AG AI characters for next generation human-machine interaction
2018 Arbrea Labs AG Arbrea Labs AG Arbrea Labs develops advanced Augmented Reality solutions for human bodies, and focuses on surgery pre-visualization and virtual garment try-on.
2018 Nanocorp AG Nanocorp AG Marketing automation for non-expert users powered by machine learning
2016 Propulsion Academy AG Propulsion Academy AG Full-Stack, Data Science, and Data Engineering bootcamps for individuals and corporates at Technopark, Zurich
2015 Kapanu AG Kapanu AG Leading visual computing technology dedicated to creating attractive smiles that patients and dentists will love
2007 Dybuster AG Dybuster AG Scientifically based and computer-assisted therapy for individuals with learning difficulties and neurobiological disabilities.
2007 LiberoVision AG LiberoVision AG A ground-breaking technology to view controversial or tactically interesting football/soccer scenes from arbitrary viewpoints
2002 NovodeX AG NovodeX AG Physics engine middleware for computer games
2000 Cyfex AG Cyfex AG Physical modeling for facial surgery simulation

Industry Collaborations

Prof. Gross has maintained numerous collaborations with industry. Companies include UBS, Hewlett-Packard, NVIDIA, Sirona, Mitsubishi Electric, Samsung, The Walt Disney Company, Schlumberger, Align Technology, and Google.