Computer Graphics Laboratory ETH Zurich


Gradient-Based Attribution Methods

M. Ancona, E. Ceolini, A. C. Öztireli, M. Gross

In: Samek W., Montavon G., Vedaldi A., Hansen L., Müller KR. (eds) Explainable AI: Interpreting, Explaining and Visualizing Deep Learning. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 11700, pp 169-191. Springer, Cham


The problem of explaining complex machine learning models, including Deep Neural Networks, has gained increasing attention over the last few years. While several methods have been proposed to explain network predictions, the definition itself of explanation is still debated. Moreover, only a few attempts to compare explanation methods from a theoretical perspective has been done. In this chapter, we discuss the theoretical properties of several attribution methods and show how they share the same idea of using the gradient information as a descriptive factor for the functioning of a model. Finally, we discuss the strengths and limitations of these methods and compare them with available alternatives.


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