Computer Graphics Laboratory ETH Zurich


Automated Aesthetic Analysis of Photographic Images

T. Aydin, A. Smolic, M. Gross

IEEE Transcations on Visualization and Computer Graphics (, , 2014), TVCG, vol. PP, no. 99, 2014, pp. 31-42


We present a perceptually calibrated system for automatic aesthetic evaluation of photographic images. Our work builds upon the concepts of no-reference image quality assessment, with the main difference being our focus on rating image aesthetic attributes rather than detecting image distortions. In contrast to the recent attempts on the highly subjective aesthetic judgment problems such as binary aesthetic classification and the prediction of an image’s overall aesthetics rating, our method aims on providing a reliable objective basis of comparison between aesthetic properties of different photographs. To that end our system computes perceptually calibrated ratings for a set of fundamental and meaningful aesthetic attributes, that together form an “aesthetic signature” of an image. We show that aesthetic signatures can still be used to improve upon the current state-ofthe-art in automatic aesthetic judgment, but also enable interesting new photo editing applications such as automated aesthetic analysis, HDR tone mapping evaluation, and providing aesthetic feedback during multi-scale contrast manipulation.


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