Computer Graphics Laboratory ETH Zurich


HeapCraft Social Tools: Understanding and Improving Player Collaboration in Minecraft

S. Müller, M. Kapadia, S. Frey, S. Klingler, R. Mann, B. Solenthaler, R. W. Sumner, M. Gross

Poster Proceedings of Foundation of Digital Games (Pacific Grove, CA , USA, June 21-25, 2015), pp.


We introduce a framework to influence and analyze player collaboration in Minecraft. The framework consists of a telemetry system and several tools to influence player behavior and provide value to server administrators to increase adoption. The data collection includes almost every aspect of gameplay and can be used for analysis beyond player collaboration. We started collecting data from several Minecraft servers in March 2015. Most data will be made available to researchers upon request. We have also demonstrated the use of our framework to statistically analyze player behavior in Minecraft. More details can be found in [Mul15a].


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