Computer Graphics Laboratory ETH Zurich


HeapCraft: Interactive Data Exploration and Visualization Tools for Understanding and Infuencing Player Behavior in Minecraft

S. Müller, B. Solenthaler, M. Kapadia, S. Frey, S. Klingler, R. P. Mann, R. W. Sumner, M. Gross

Motion in Games (Paris, France, November 16-18, 2015), pp. 237-241


We present HeapCraft: an open-source suite of interactive data exploration and visualization tools that allows researchers, server administrators and game designers to analyze and potentially influence player behavior in Minecraft. Our framework includes a telemetry system, several tools for visualizing and representing the collected data, and tools for modifying the game experience in controlled ways. Measures that we use to quantify and visualize player behavior and collaboration have been derived from a large data set containing 3451 player-hours from 908 players and 43 different servers. HeapCraft has been demonstrated on a variety of tasks including player behavior classification, as well as quantifying and improving collaboration of players on Minecraft servers. HeapCraft is freely available and serves to democratize game analytics for the Minecraft community at large.