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Efficient rasterization for edge-based 3d object tracking on mobile devices

E. Kissling, K. Mitchell, T. Oskam, M. Gross

Proceeding SA '12 SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 Technical Briefs (Singapore, Singapore, , 2012), pp. 12:1-12:4
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Augmented reality applications on hand-held devices suffer from the limited available processing power. While methods to detect the location of artificially textured markers within the scene are commonly used, geometric properties of three-dimensional objects are rarely exploited for object tracking. In order to track such geometry efficiently on mobile devices, existing methods must be adapted. By focusing on key behaviors of edge-based models, we present a sparse depth buffer structure to provide an efficient rasterization method. This allows the tracking algorithm to run on a single CPU core of a current-generation hand-held device, while requiring only minimal support from the GPU.

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