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Interactive Generation of Realistic Facial Wrinkles from Sketchy Drawings

H. J. Kim, A. C. Oztireli, I. K. Shin, M. Gross, S. M. Choi

Proceedings of Eurographics (Zurich, Switzerland,, May 4-8, 2015), Computer Graphics Forum, vol. 34, no. 2, pp. 179-191


Synthesizing facial wrinkles has been tackled either by a long process of manual sculpting on 3D models, or using automatic methods that do not allow for user interaction or artistic expression. In this paper, we propose a method that accepts interactive sketchy drawings depicting wrinkle patterns, and synthesizes realistic looking wrinkles on faces. The method inherits the simplicity of sketching, making it possible for artists as well as novice users to generate realistic facial detail very efficiently, allowing fast preview for physical makeup, or aging simulations for fun and professional applications. All strokes are used to infer the wrinkles, retaining the expressiveness of the sketches and realism of the final result at the same time. This is achieved by designing novel multi-scale statistics tailored to the wrinkle geometry and coupled to the sketch interpretation method. The statistics capture the cross- sectional profiles of wrinkles at different scales and parts of a face. The strokes are augmented with the statistics extracted from given example face models, and applied to an input face model interactively. The interface gives the user control over the shapes and scales of wrinkles via sketching while adding extra details required for realism automatically.



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