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Exercise Lesson on Thursday, 13.12

Dec 13: Due to the midterm exam in theoretical computer science all exercise groups will be in the afternoon. Please note the room and time changes (check the exercises page for detials)!



Teaching Content:

The course covers the fundamental concepts of information theory. Specific topics include (lecture in German): Einfuehrung und Grundlagen, Stochastische Prozesse, Entropie, Informationsquellen, Codierung diskreter Quellen, Diskrete, gestoerte Kanaele, Shannon'sches Kanalcodierungstheorem, Kanalcodierung, Lineare und zyklische Codes, Faltungscodes, Fallstudie Datenkompression.


Basic knowledge of statistics.


No notes, books or scripts allowed.


Lecturer: Prof. Markus Gross IFW D 28.1 Tel. 2 71 14
First Assistant: Bernd Bickel IFW D 28.2 Tel. 2 76 15