Computer Graphics Laboratory ETH Zurich


PhD Seminar - AS 14

Course Topics and Objectives

In this doctoral seminar, current research at the Institute for Visual Computing will be presented and discussed. The goal is to learn about current research projects at our institute, to strengthen our expertise in the field, to provide a platform where research challenges can be discussed, and also to practice scientific presentations.

Course Setup

The seminar takes place in the spring and autumn semester.


This course requires solid knowledge in the area of Computer Graphics and Computer Vision as well as state-of-the-art research.

Performance assessment

Ungraded semester performance. Presence is mandatory (75% of the seminar talks) to pass the seminar. Presence is formally controlled. Every participant has to present her research once a year. Furthermore, the seminar can be attended at most 4 times.


Number 264-5800-00L
Organizers M. Gross, O. Sorkine, M. Pollefeys
Coordinator T. Martin
Location CAB G 51, Friday, 12-13 (starting at 12:15)
ECTS Credits 1


Date Name Topic
19-Sep Christian Schumacher 3D Printing Elasticity
26-Sep CGL Retreat
03-Oct Pascal Bérard High-Quality Capture of Eyes
10-Oct Alexandre Chapiro Augmenting Perceived Disparity by Unusual Means
17-Oct Olga Diamanti Designing fields on Surfaces
24-Oct Dominik Honegger Embedded Computer Vision
31-Oct Lorenz Meier TBA
07-Nov Antoine Milliez TBA: Technical Brushes, by Antoine
14-Nov Cancelled
21-Nov Chrisitan Schüller Appearance-Mimicking Surfaces
28-Nov Kaan Yücer Inferring Geometric Relationships in Multi-Image Scenarios
05-Dec Nikolay Savinov Discrete Optimization of Ray Potentials for Semantic 3D Reconstruction
12-Dec Endri Dibra Extending the performance of human classifiers using a viewpoint specific approach