Computer Graphics Laboratory ETH Zurich


Seminar 'Advanced Topics in Computer Graphics and Vision' - AS 14


Course Topics

This seminar covers advanced topics in visual computing, including both seminal research papers as well as the latest research results. Topics include data-driven modeling and animation, image based rendering, real-time vision & graphics, physical simulation and generative models, visual perception, computational photography, video synthesis, and others.

Course Setup

Every participant has to present one of the papers in the list below. Additionally, you are required to read the paper that is presented in class beforehand and participate in a discussion during the seminar. An assistant will provide support when preparing the slides and in case technical questions arise.

The projector seems to have an aspect ratio of 16:10. Note, that it is not allowed to use the original slides from the author.

Learning Objectives

The goal is to get an in-depth understanding of actual problems and research topics in the field of visual computing as well as improve presentations and critical analysis skills.


The "Visual Computing", "Introduction to Computer Graphics" and "Computer Vision I" courses are recommended, but not mandatory.


Number 252-5701-00L
Lecturers Prof. Dr. Markus Gross, Prof. Dr. Marc Pollefeys, Prof. Dr. Olga Sorkine
Assistants Marcel Lancelle, Lubor Ladicky
Location HG E 33.3, Thursday, 15-17
ECTS Credits 2 credits
Exam graded semester performance


Date Name Topic
18-Sep Tobias Martin Introduction
25-Sep Example Talk, Common Potential Issues with Talks
02-Oct Cléa Benz Pteromys: Interactive Design and Optimization of Free-formed Free-flight Model Airplanes
Kim Byungsoo Designing Inflatable Structures
09-Oct [no talks - no course] Crisp Boundary Detection Using Pointwise Mutual Information
- -
16-Oct Christoph Züger Earth Mover's Distances on Discrete Surfaces
Jascha Grübel VideoSnapping: Interactive Synchronization of Multiple Videos
23-Oct Christos Sakaridis A Principled Deep Random Field Model for Image Segmentation
Ruben Wohlgenannt Facial Landmark Detection by Deep Multi-task Learning
30-Oct Shuang Wu First-person Hyper-lapse videos
Katja Wolff The Visual Microphone: Passive Recovery of Sound from Video
06-Nov - -
13-Nov Hans Hardmeier Real-Time 3D Tracking and Reconstruction on Mobile Phones
Karthik Sheshadri Optical Flow Estimation with Channel Constancy
20-Nov Michael Rabinovich High-contrast Computational Caustic Design
Saiwen Wang Learning a Manifold of Fonts
27-Nov Sandro Huber Spin-It: Optimizing Moment of Inertia for Spinnable Objects
Manuel Braunschweiler Subspace Clothing Simulation Using Adaptive Bases
04-Dec Rabeeh Karimi Joint Semantic Segmentation and 3D Reconstruction from Monocular Video
Amrollah Seifoddini VocMatch: Efficient Multiview Correspondences for Structure from Motion
11-Dec Benedikt Bitterli Detailed Water on Coarse Grids: Combining Surface Meshes and Adaptive Discontinuous Galerkin
David Niggli Compact Precomputed Voxelized Shadows
18-Dec - -