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Seminar 'Advanced Methods in Computer Graphics' - SS 14

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Course Topics

This seminar covers advanced topics in visual computing, including both seminal research papers as well as the latest research results. Topics include 3D reconstruction, image-based rendering (IBR), light fields, image processing, rendering, physics-based simulation and modeling, manufacturing, and interactive geometry.

Course Setup

Every participant has to present one of the papers in the list below. Additionally, you are required to read the paper that is presented in class beforehand and participate in a discussion during the seminar. An assistant will provide support when preparing the slides and in case technical questions arise.

Learning Objectives

The goal is to get an in-depth understanding of actual problems and research topics in the field of visual computing as well as improve presentations and critical analysis skills.


The "Visual Computing", "Introduction to Computer Graphics" and "Computer Vision I" courses are recommended, but not mandatory.



Presence is mandatory to pass the seminar. If a student cannot attend a seminar session, the reason (e.g. medical certificate) has to be given before the session and must be accepted by one of the organizers. More than three missed seminar sessions will cause the student to fail this class. The dates for the presentations can not be moved except there is someone willing to switch. The students participation in the group discussions will be documented by the organizers and contributes 25% to the final grade.

Organization and Grading

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slides","","",""); SeminarScheduleEntry("21-Feb","Introduction","drz","","",""); SeminarScheduleEntry("28-Feb","Example talk","drz","(slides + videos coming soon)","","",""); // ===== SeminarScheduleEntry("07-Mar","3D Reconstruction","vision", "Real-time 3D Reconstruction at Scale using Voxel Hashing","Michel Keller","Pascal Berard","", // "Scene Reconstruction from High Spatio-Angular Resolution Light Fields","STUDENT2","Changil Kim","", "Image-Based Reconstruction and Synthesis of Dense Foliage", "Damian Karrer", "Derek Bradley",""); // no Henning SeminarScheduleEntry("14-Mar","Rendering","graphics", "Space Manipulation of Physically-Based Light Transport","Daniel Luginbühl","Wenzel Jakob","", // "Modular Flux Transfer: Efficient Rendering of High-Resolution Volumes with Repeated Structures","STUDENT2","Jan Novak","", "Interactive Albedo Editing in Path-Traced Volumetric Materials", "Jascha Grübel", "Wenzel Jakob", "" ); // no Henning SeminarScheduleEntry("21-Mar","Manufacturing","graphics", "Fabrication-aware Design with Intersecting Planar Pieces","Shunta Furukawa","Emily Whiting","", // "3D-Printing of Non-Assembly, Articulated Models","STUDENT2","Moritz Bächer","", "OpenFab: A Programmable Pipeline for Multi-Material Fabrication", "—Talk cancelled—", "(no need to read the paper)", "" ); SeminarScheduleEntry("28-Mar","Faces","vision", "Augmenting Physical Avatars Using Projector-Based Illumination","Raphael Weibel","Amit Bermano","", "Realtime Facial Animation with On-the-fly Correctives","—Talk cancelled—","(no need to read the paper)","" // "Coupled 3D Reconstruction of Sparse Facial Hair and Skin", "STUDENT3", "Thabo Beeler","" ); SeminarScheduleEntry("04-Apr","Physical modeling","graphics", //"Computational Simulation of Alternative Photographic Processes","David Chettrit","Romain Prévost","", "Measurement-Based Synthesis of Facial Microgeometry","David Chettrit","Romain Prévost","", "High-Quality Computational Imaging Through Simple Lenses", "Monica-Andreea Dragan", "Marios Papas","" ); // no Wenzel SeminarScheduleEntry("11-Apr","Light Fields","vision", // "PiCam: An Ultra-Thin High Performance Monolithic Camera Array","STUDENT1","Federico Perazzi","", "Near-Invariant Blur for Depth and 2D Motion via Time-Varying Light Field Analysis","Sandro Huber","Anselm Grundhöfer","", "Near-Eye Light Field Displays", "Christian Vonrüti", "Nico Ranieri","" ); SeminarScheduleEntry("02-May","Geometry processing","graphics", // "Locally Injective Mappings","STUDENT1","Christian Schüller","", "Putting Holes in Holey Geometry","Gustavo Segovia","Kenshi Takayama","", "Content-Adaptive Image Downscaling (new date: moved from May 9 to May 2)","Ruben Wohlgenannt","Alexandre Chapiro","" ); SeminarScheduleEntry("09-May","Images","vision", // "Image-Based Rendering in the Gradient Domain","STUDENT1","Kaan Yucer","", "Globally Optimal Direction Fields (new date: moved from May 2 to May 9)","Rijad Nuridini","Olga Diamanti", "", "Data-driven Hallucination for Different Times of Day from a Single Outdoor Photo", "Renzo Roth","Oliver Wang","" ); SeminarScheduleEntry("16-May","Simulation","graphics", "Artistic Simulation of Curly Hair","Mattia Gollub","Antoine Milliez","", // "Efficient Simulation of Secondary Motion in Rig-Space","STUDENT2","Fabian Hahn","", "Versatile Surface Tension and Adhesion For SPH Fluids", "Lukas Limacher", "Daniel Saner", "" ); SeminarScheduleEntry("23-May","Image-based Methods for Rendering","vision", // "Iterative Image Warping","STUDENT1","Henning Zimmer","", "Adaptive Rendering with Non-Local Means Filtering","Xianghao Xu","Fabrice Rousselle","", "A Reconstruction Filter for Plausible Motion Blur", "Thomas Müller", "Henning Zimmer","" ); SeminarScheduleEntry("30-May","Backup / Wrap-up","drz", "","","","", "","","",""); EndSeminarScheduleTable(); ?>

Seminar Papers