Computer Graphics Laboratory ETH Zurich


Visual Computing - AS 16



This course provides an in-depth introduction to the core concepts of computer graphics, image processing, multimedia, and computer vision. The course forms a basis for the specialization track Visual Computing of the CS master program at ETH.


As a suggested course for people interested in the specialization track Visual Computing, this course covers topics from computer graphics and computer vision. More information on related fields can be found on the respective group websites:

Computer Graphics: Computer Graphics Lab


Course topics will include: Graphics pipeline, perception and color models, camera models, transformations and projection, projections, lighting, shading, global illumination, texturing, sampling theorem, Fourier transforms, image representations, convolution, linear filtering, diffusion, nonlinear filtering, edge detection, optical flow, image and video compression.

In theoretical and practical homework assignments students will learn to apply and implement the presented concepts and algorithms.






Number 252-0206-00V
Lecturers Prof. Dr. Markus Gross
Prof. Dr. Otmar Hilliges
Course Location Tue. 10-12 HG E 1.2
Thu. 13-15 HG E 1.2
Exercise Location Tue. 13-16 CHN G 42 or
Thu. 09-12 IFW A 36
ECTS Credits 8 credits
Exam 180 min, written (English, answers allowed in German or English), notes (8 pages A4 handwritten) and non-programmable calculator allowed