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Visual Computing - AS 23


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This course acquaints students with core knowledge in computer graphics, image processing, multimedia and computer vision. Topics include: Graphics pipeline, perception and camera models, transformation, shading, global illumination, texturing, sampling, filtering, image representations, image and video compression, edge detection and optical flow.


Number 252-0206-00L
Lecturers Prof. Dr. Markus Gross
Prof. Dr. Marc Pollefeys
Assistants Rafael Wampfler (head TA)
Philipp Lindenberger (head TA)
And Others (see main course page)
Language English
Time Lectures: Tuesdays 10:15-12:00, Thursdays 14:15-16:00
Exercises: Tuesdays 13:15-16:00, Thursdays 09:15-12:00
Location See course catalogue
Credits 8