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June 2-4, 2004 ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Point primitives have experienced a major "renaissance" in recent years, and considerable research has been devoted to the efficient representation, modeling, processing, and rendering of point-sampled geometry. There are two main reasons for this new interest in points: On one hand, we have witnessed a dramatic increase in the polygonal complexity of computer graphics models. The overhead of managing, processing, and manipulating very large polygonal-mesh connectivity information has led many leading researchers to question the future utility of polygons as the fundamental graphics primitive. On the other hand, modern 3D digital photography and 3D scanning systems acquire both geometry and appearance of complex, real-world objects. These techniques generate huge volumes of point samples, which constitute discrete building blocks of 3D object geometry and appearance - much as pixels are the digital elements for images.

 Important Dates
April 7, 2004
  Electronic abstract submission
April 9, 2004
  Electronic paper submission
May 10 ,2004
  Author notification
May 17, 2004
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We are inviting submissions related,but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Data acquisition
  • Surface reconstruction
  • Representation of point-sampled geometry
  • Sampling,approximation,and interpolation
  • Digital geometry processing of point models
  • Transmission and compression of point-sampled geometry
  • Geometric modeling using point primitives
  • Rendering algorithms and rendering architectures for point primitives
  • Animation and morphing of point-sampled geometry
  • Hybrid representations and algorithms

    Submission info:
    Authors are invited to send papers electronically in Adobe PDF. Please limit the length to 8 typeset pages or 16 double-spaced pages. If you would like to send video sequences, in QuickTime, MPEG or AVI format they can be submitted using the electronic submission system. Please see our web page for details on submission information.

Invited Speakers
Invited talks will be held by Leonard McMillan, Turner Whitted, and Leif Kobbelt.

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland.

Please see our web page for details on registration, accommodations, and travel.


    Conference Chairs:
    Markus Gross, ETH Zurich
    Hanspeter Pfister, MERL

    Papers Chairs:
    Marc Alexa, TU Darmstadt
    Szymon Rusinkiewicz, Princeton University

    Publicity Chairs:
    Mark Pauly, Stanford University
    Issei Fujishiro, Ochanomizu University
    Matthias Zwicker, MIT

    Local Arrangements Chair:
    Richard Keiser, ETH Zurich

    Ronny Peikert, ETH Zurich

 Papers Committee

    Daniel G.Aliaga
    Nina Amenta
    Kavita Bala
    Frederic Cazals
    Baoquan Chen
    Daniel Cohen-Or
    Oliver Deussen
    Tamal Dey
    George Drettakis
    Fredo Durand
    Philip Dutre
    David Ebert
    Henry Fuchs
    Issei Fujishiro
    Joachim Giesen
    Leonidas Guibas
    Stefan Gumhold
    Markus Gross
    Hans-Christian Hege
    Arie Kaufmann
    Leif Kobbelt
    Anselmo Lastra
    Wojciech Matusik
    Nelson Max
    Leonard McMillan
    Klaus Mueller
    Torsten Möller
    Tomoyuki Nishita
    Renato Pajarola
    Mark Pauly
    Hanspeter Pfister
    Werner Purgathofer
    Penny Rheingans
    Alyn Rockwood
    Dietmar Saupe
    Bengt-Olaf Schneider
    Peter Schröder
    Hans-Peter Seidel
    Claudio Silva
    Oliver Staadt
    Marc Stamminger
    Wolfgang Strasser
    Amitabh Varshney
    Luiz Velho
    Henrik Wann Jensen
    Turner Whitted
    Matthias Zwicker