Computer Graphics Laboratory ETH Zurich


Computer Graphics - AS11 - Schedule

Schedule (tentative)

The exercises will be updated according to the course schedule.

Topic Lecturerer
23.09.2011Intro, Surface Representation IProf. Gross
Prof. Sorkine
(no exercise session)
27.09.2011Surface Representation IIProf. Sorkine-
30.09.2011Texture MappingProf. SorkineTheoretical Exercise:
Surface Representation
04.10.2011Ray Tracing IProf. Gross-
07.10.2011Ray Tracing IIProf. GrossQ&A
11.10.2011Ray Tracing IIIProf. Gross-
14.10.2011Ray Tracing IVProf. GrossProgramming Exercise:
Simple Raytracer
18.10.2011Light Transport IProf. Gross-
21.10.2011Light Transport IIProf. GrossQ&A
25.10.2011Visibility Culling IProf. Sorkine-
28.10.2011Visibility Culling IIProf. SorkineProgramming Exercise:
Advanced Raytracing
01.11.2011Light Transport IIIProf. Gross-
04.11.2011Light Transport IVProf. GrossQ&A
08.11.2011Procedural TexturesProf. Sorkine-
11.11.2011Procedural Modeling IIProf. SorkineQ&A
15.11.2011Point Based Graphics IProf. Gross-
18.11.2011Point Based Graphcis IIProf. GrossProgramming Exercise:
BRDFs and Textures
22.11.2011Point Based Graphics IIIProf. Gross-
25.11.2011Point Based Graphics IV, Light Dome TourProf. GrossQ&A
29.11.2011Intro: Curve GeometryProf. Sorkine-
02.12.2011Polynomials, InterpolationProf. SorkineQ&A
06.12.2011Bezier Curves IProf. Sorkine-
09.12.2011Bezier Curves IIProf. SorkineProgramming and Theoretical Exercise: Splines
13.12.2011Tensor Product SurfacesDr. Popa-
16.12.2011Rational Curves and Surfaces (NURBS)Dr. PopaQ&A
20.12.2011Computer Graphics Research OutlookProf. Gross-
23.12.2011(no lecture)-Q&A