Computer Graphics Laboratory ETH Zurich


Computer Graphics - AS12 - Schedule

Schedule (tentative)

The exercises will be updated according to the course schedule.

Topic Lecturerer
18.09.2012IntroProf. Gross
Prof. Sorkine
21.09.2012Surface Representation IProf. Sorkine(no exercise session)
25.09.2012Surface Representation IIProf. SorkineEx1 handout
28.09.2012Texture Mapping IProf. SorkineQ&A
02.10.2012Texture Mapping IIProf. Sorkine-
05.10.2012Visibility Culling IProf. SorkineQ&A
09.10.2012Ray Tracing IProf. Gross-
12.10.2012Ray Tracing IIProf. GrossEx1 due, Ex2 handout
16.10.2012Ray Tracing IIIProf. Gross-
19.10.2012Ray Tracing IVProf. GrossQ&A
23.10.2012Light Transport IProf. Gross-
26.10.2012Light Transport IIProf. GrossEx2 grading, Ex3 handout
30.10.2012Procedural Textures and Modeling IProf. Sorkine-
02.11.2012Procedural Textures and Modeling IIProf. SorkineQ&A
06.11.2012Light Transport IIIProf. Gross-
09.11.2012Light Transport IVProf. GrossEx3 grading, Ex4 handout
13.11.2012Curve Geometry IntroProf. Sorkine-
16.11.2012Polynomials, InterpolationProf. SorkineQ&A
20.11.2012Bezier Curves IProf. Sorkine-
23.11.2012Bezier Curves IIProf. SorkineEx4 grading
27.11.2012Point Based Graphics IProf. GrossEx5 Part1 handout
30.11.2012Point Based Graphcis IIProf. GrossQ&A
04.12.2012Point Based Graphics IIIProf. Gross-
07.12.2012Point Based Graphics IV, Light Dome TourProf. GrossQ&A
11.12.2012B-SplinesDr. Daniele PanozzoEx5 Part1 due, Ex5 Part2 handout
14.12.2012Rational Curves, Tensor Product Surfaces, Subdivision SurfacesDr. Daniele PanozzoSpline Blossoming and homework 5 Q&A
18.12.2012Guest lecture: volumetric texturesDr. Kenshi Takayama-
21.12.2012no classNo exercise session. Homework 5 due