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Computer Graphics - AS 19 - Schedule


This shows the planned schedule of the lectures and exercies, and will be updated in accordance to the actual course schedule throughout the semester. The information in this page is subject to change and should not be construed as a commitment.

  • Discussion session: we will be presenting newly released exercises and answering questions. The room is HG D 1.1.
  • Exercise Deadline: you need to submit your code and report via Dropbox as explained on the Nori webpage. The deadline is on Friday at 23:59. Late submissions will not be graded.
  • Final Project: please see details on the Nori webpage for the exact deadline day and time.
Lecture Topic Lecturer Exercise
Shape Representation
Dr. Marios PapasNori Intro
23.09.2019Polygonal Meshes, Parametrization and Texture MappingProf. Markus Gross-
27.09.2019Light & Matter, Radiometric Quantities
Basics of Ray Tracing
Dr. Marios PapasQ&A - Ex1 Out
30.09.2019Appearance Modeling IProf. Markus Gross-
04.10.2019Microfacet TheoryDr. Marios PapasQ&A
07.10.2019Monte Carlo Integration IDr. Marios Papas-
11.10.2019Monte Carlo Integration II
Direct Illumination I
Dr. Marios Papas
Prof. Markus Gross
Q&A - Ex1 Due - Ex2 Out
14.10.2019Direct Illumination IIDr. Marios Papas-
18.10.2019Direct Illumination IIIDr. Marios PapasEx2 Due - Ex3 Out
21.10.2019Global Illumination IProf. Markus Gross-
25.10.2019Global Illumination II
Photon Mapping
Dr. Marios PapasQ&A
28.10.2019Acceleration Data StructuresProf. Markus Gross-
01.11.2019Special Lecture: AnimationDr. Martin GuayQ&A - Ex3 Due - Ex4 Out
04.11.2019Participating Media IDr. Jan Novák-
08.11.2019Participating Media IIDr. Jan NovákFinal Project Out
11.11.2019Low Discrepancy SamplingDr. Marco Manzi-
15.11.2019Image Based DenoisingDr. Fabrice RousselleQ&A - Ex4 Due
18.11.2019Special Lecture: ML for Light TransportDr. Jan Novák-
22.11.2019Material Acquisition & Inverse Rendering IDr. Jeremy RiviereQ&A
25.11.2019Material Acquisition & Inverse Rendering IIDr. Jeremy Riviere-
29.11.2019Camera Models & 3D Reconstruction IDr. Aziz DjelouahQ&A - Special Lecture
02.12.2019Camera Models & 3D Reconstruction IIDr. Aziz Djelouah-
06.12.2019Image-based Rendering / Light Fields IDr. Aziz DjelouahQ&A
09.12.2019Image-based Rendering / Light Fields IIProf. Markus Gross-
13.12.2019Point-Based GraphicsProf. Markus GrossQ&A
16.12.2019Special Lecture: Computer Graphics Research OutlookTBD-
20.12.2019Rendering Competition--