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Course Topics

Recent advances in 3D digital geometry processing have created a plenitude of novel concepts for the mathematical representation and interactive manipulation of geometric models. This course covers some of the latest developments in geometric modeling and surface representations. Topics include surface modeling based on triangle meshes, mesh generation, subdivision schemes, mesh fairing and simplification, multiresolution methods, compression, and interactive shape editing.

Course Objectives

After attending this course, you should be able to:
  • define and relate the basic concepts, tools, and algorithms in geometric modeling and digital surface processing
  • critically analyze and assess current research on surface representations and geometric modeling with the intent to apply the proposed methods in your own work.
  • implement individual components of a geometric modeling system

Course Work

Programming exercices will help you translate theoretical concepts to practical applications. A code framework will be provided that allows you to experiment with various algorithms without having to bother about software infrastructure.
There will be 6-7 modest programming assignments, which may be performed in teams of two students.
There will be no final exam.


Introduction to Computer Graphics, experience with C++ programming. Some background in geometry or computational geometry is helpful, but not necessary.

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