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Image Synthesis - SS15 - Schedule

Schedule (tentative)

The exercises will be updated according to the course schedule.

Topic Exercise
17.02.2015Opening lecture: Introduction, Light + MatterExplanation of Base code
PA1 handed out.
24.02.2015Monte Carlo Ray Tracing IPA1 due
PA2 handed out
03.03.2015BRDF Models: Microfacet Theory & Data-Driven Reflectance PA2 due
PA3 handed out
10.03.2015Monte Carlo Ray Tracing IIQ&A
17.03.2015Global Illumination O: Rendering Equation, Path/Light Tracing, Photon MappingPA3 due
24.03.2015Denoising and VPLsPA4 handed out
31.03.2015Bidirectional Light Transport Break
07.04.2015 Break Break
14.04.2015Participating Media I: Radiative Transport Equation, Single Scattering, Ray Marching, Volumetric Path TracingPA4 due
Final project handed out
21.04.2015Participating Media II: Volume Photon Mapping, BRE, Photon BeamsFinal project proposals due
28.04.2015Subsurface Scattering: The BSSRDF, Diffusion DipoleQ&A
05.05.2015QMC and Tricks Midterm
12.05.2015Advanced Reflection Models Break
26.05.2015TBD Rendering Competition