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Informatik I D-MAVT - FS13 - Home

Hörsaalverkauf Polybuchhandlung: 28.2., 10:00


  • Old exam 2012 is online, see Homework.


The course gives an introduction to computer programming and teaches the student how to use a programming language. We will use C/C++.


The course covers the fundamental concepts of computer programming and gives a short overview of data structures. Specific topics include: computers, programming languages and compilers, data types, type conversion, expressions, language constructs, arrays, pointers, references, functions, scope and lifetime, modular programming, generic programming, files, classes, lists, trees, sorting.




  • Attestation
    At least 75% of the exercises must be reasonably solved.
  • Homework
    The homeworks can be handed in by groups of two students.


Written exam. Written aids: 5 A4 sheets, hand or machine written, double sided

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