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Informatik I D-MAVT - FS17 - Homework


Exercise Locations

The following locations are reserved for the exercise lessons.

The exercise lessons will start in the second week!

Room Day Time

Tuesday 14.15-16.00

Wednesday 13.15-15.00

Wednesday 15.15-17.00

Registration Exercise Groups

Registration is now open:
Please read the Codeboard tutorial.
Select a group according to your preferences of time and location. Notice that some exercise sessions are held in English. Notice also that the enrollment to some groups might be disabled once the capacity is reached. If you can not attend any of the available sessions, please contact us. Please do not enroll in the group called Service group.


We will use as online IDE for the exercises. This is an online service that provides a web-based integrated development environment (IDE) and an exercise submission system. Please read carefully the Codeboard tutorial (see link below) to learn how this works. During the first exercise session we will also demonstrate how to solve and submit your exercises.


Download is restricted to computers within the ETH Network (IP = 129.132.*, 195.176.*, 10.5.*, 10.6.*)
On your own computer you must use the VPN client to access the slides
(installation instructions here).


Übung 1: Codeboard und Selbsteinschätzung [Slides] - [Self-assessment] - [Self-assessment solution]
Übung 2: Linux und Terminal [Slides]
Übung 3: Datentypen und Funktionen [Slides]
Übung 4: Logische Ausdrücke und Verzweigungen [Slides]
Übung 5: Arrays und Strings [Slides]
Übung 6: Kontrollfluss [Slides]
Übung 7: Pointers [Slides]
Übung 8: Funktionen I [Slides]
Übung 9: Funktionen II [Slides]
Übung 10: Klassen [Slides]
Übung 11: Vererbung [Slides]
Übung 12: Datenstrukturen und Kopien [Slides]

Alte Prüfungen

Prüfung 2015 - [Prüfung]
Einzelne Prüfungsaufgaben 2014 - [Aufgaben]
Einzelne Prüfungsaufgaben 2012 / 2013 - [Aufgaben]
Alte Prüfung 2012 D-MAVT - [Aufgaben]
Prüfungsaufgaben 2006 D-ITET - [Aufgaben]