Computer Graphics Laboratory ETH Zurich


Mathematical Foundations of Computer Graphics and Vision - SS15 - Homework


Exercise 1 (Presentation on: 23.02.2015.
Submission deadline: 08.03.2015, 11:59pm)
IMPORTANT - new bunny mesh, and code to get normals here
IMPORTANT - errata for ex.1.3.

Exercise 2 (Presentation on: 02.03.2015.
Submission deadline: 15.03.2015, 11:59pm

Exercise 3 (Presentation on: 23.03.2015.
Submission deadline: 19.04.2015, 11:59pm)

Exercise 4 (Presentation on: 27.04.2015.
Submission deadline: 10.05.2015, 11:59pm)

Exercise 5 (Presentation on: 04.05.2015.
Submission deadline: 17.05.2015, 11:59pm)

The files for the exercises will be made available on this page.
They are only accessible from ETH IP range.

OBS.: Bonus points carry over to other exercises, but not to the oral exam.