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Course Topics

This seminar covers advanced topics in visual computing, including both seminal research papers as well as the latest research results. Topics include image and video processing, geometry acquisition, shape analysis, animation, physical fabrication, and others.

Course Setup

Every participant has to present one of the papers in the list below. Additionally, you are required to read the paper that is presented in class beforehand and participate in a discussion during the seminar. An assistant will provide support when preparing the slides and in case technical questions arise.

Learning Objectives

The goal is to get an in-depth understanding of actual problems and research topics in the field of visual computing as well as improve presentations and critical analysis skills.


The "Visual Computing", "Introduction to Computer Graphics" and "Computer Vision I" courses are recommended, but not mandatory.


Presence is mandatory to pass the seminar. If a student can not attend a seminar session, the reason (e.g. medical certificate) has to be given before the session and must be accepted by one of the organizers. More than three missed seminar sessions will cause the student to fail this class. The dates for the presentations can not be moved except there is someone willing to switch. The students participation in the group discussions will be documented by the organizers and contributes 25% to the final grade.

252-5704-00L"); AdminTableEntry("Organizers", "M. Gross, O. Sorkine, H. Zimmer, K. Takayama"); AdminTableEntry("Location", RoomLink("CAB G 52") . ", Friday, 13-15"); AdminTableEntry("ECTS Credits", "2"); EndAdminTable(); ?>

Slides", "", "", "", "", "", "", ""); /* SeminarScheduleEntry("01-Mar", "Example talks", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", ""); */ SeminarScheduleEntry("01-Mar", "Animation ", "", "Rig-Space Physics", "Sabina Schellenberg", "Fabian Hahn", "", "Example-Based Elastic Materials", "Manuel Braunschweiler", "Antoine Milliez", ""); SeminarScheduleEntry("08-Mar", "Faces", "", "Gaze Correction for Home Video Conferencing", "Frederik Mutzel", "Claudia Kuster", "", "Lightweight Binocular Facial Performance Capture under Uncontrolled Lighting", "Nicolas Maerki", "Derek Bradley", ""); SeminarScheduleEntry("15-Mar", "Shading and Animation", "", "CrossShade: Shading Concept Sketches Using Cross-Section Curves ", "Jonas Zehnder", "Tiberiu Popa", "stpopa@inf.ethz.ch1", "Fast Automatic Skinning Transformations", "Joel Bohnes", "Alec Jacobson", ""); SeminarScheduleEntry("22-Mar", "Geometry", "", "Globally Consistent Depth Labeling of 4D Lightfields", "Qi Guo", "Changil Kim", "", "","","","" //"Improved Reconstruction of Deforming Surfaces by Cancelling Ambient Occlusion", //"Thomas Knell", "Thabo Beeler", "", ); SeminarScheduleEntry("12-Apr", "Vector Graphcis and Animation", "", "A Vectorial Solver for Free-form Vector Gradients ", "Elias Sprengel", "Peter Kaufmann", "", "Elasticity-Inspired Deformers for Character Articulation", "Damien Gauge", "Stelian Coros", ""); SeminarScheduleEntry("19-Apr", "Video", "", "Tonal Stabilization of Video", "Philipp Schmid", "Yael Pritch", "", "Eulerian Video Magnification for Revealing Subtle Changes in the World", "Simon Greuter", "Oliver Wang", ""); SeminarScheduleEntry("26-Apr", "Fabrication and Architectural Geometry", "", "Chopper: Partitioning Models into 3D-Printable Parts", "Christoph Russ", "Bernd Bickel", "", "Structural Optimization of 3D Masonry Buildings", "Victor Bosshard", "Emily Whiting", ""); SeminarScheduleEntry("03-May", "Images", "", //"Transfusive Image Manipulation", //"Elias Sprengel", "Kaan Yucer", "", "Robust patch-based HDR reconstruction of dynamic scenes", "Ueli Ebnoether", "Tunc Aydin", "", "","","",""); SeminarScheduleEntry("03-May", "Production", "", "Physical Face Cloning", "Nicholas Pleschko", "Melina Skouras", "", "Manufacturing Layered Attenuators for Multiple Prescribed Shadow Images", "Martin Otth", "Wojciech Jarosz", ""); SeminarScheduleEntry("10-May", "Shape Analysis", "", "Fields On Symmetric Surfaces", "Jan Wolf", "Daniele Panozzo", "", "All-Hex Meshing using Singularity-Restricted Field", "Benedikt Bitterli", "Kenshi Takayama", ""); SeminarScheduleEntry("17-May", "Reflections", "", "Image-Based Rendering for Scenes with Reflections", "Marcel Luedi", "Henning Zimmer", "", "The Magic Lens: Refractive Steganography", "Benjamin Flueck", "Marios Papas", ""); SeminarScheduleEntry("24-May", "Noise and Points", "", "Gabor Noise by Example", "Simon Kallweit", "Kenshi Takayama", "", "Analysis and Synthesis of Point Distributions based on Pair Correlation", "Victor Savu", "Cengiz Oztireli", ""); SeminarScheduleEntry("31-May", "(Canceled)", ""); //"Physical Face Cloning", //"Nicholas Pleschko", "Melina Skouras", "", //"Manufacturing Layered Attenuators for Multiple Prescribed Shadow Images", //"Martin Otth", "Wojciech Jarosz", ""); EndSeminarScheduleTable(); ?>