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Physically-based Simulation - AS11 - Homework

In the first part of the semester, there will be three graded exercises to different topics. Then, in the second part of the semester, a mandatory project should be realized where students program a small game or demo scene using techniques learnt in class.

  1. Exercise 1: Mass Points and Springs (Assigned: September 28, Due: October 12)
    [download framework zip file] [instructions] solution] [grades]*/?>
  2. Exercise 2: PDEs (Assigned: October 12, Due: October 26)
    [download framework zip file] [instructions] solution] [grades]
  3. Exercise 3: Fluids (Assigned: October 26, Due: November 9)
    [download framework zip file] [instructions]
    [result gridsize 64]
    [result gridsize 200]
    solution] [grades]

Selected course projects from PBS10:

Snow Globe

Tim Grabowski, Benjamin Flueck


Khaled Hafez, Liana Manukyan


Frederik Mutzel, Rudolf Maximilian Schreier


Gabriel Nuetzi, Roman Scheidegger, Flavio Gohl


Claudio Corrodi, Daniel Zimmermann