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Visualization - AS 17


  • The slide set on Topology-Based Methods I was updated. The Hopf bifurcation image on slide 39 was corrected.


Course Topics

This lecture provides an introduction into visualization of scientific and abstract data. The lecture introduces into the two main branches of visualization: scientific visualization and information visualization. The focus is set onto scientific data, demonstrating the usefulness and necessity of computer graphics in other fields than the entertainment industry. The exercises contain theoretical tasks on the mathematical foundations such as numerical integration, differential vector calculus, and flow field analysis, while programming exercises familiarize with the Visualization Tool Kit (VTK) and commonly used flow visualization algorithms.


This lecture opens with human cognition basics, and scalar and vector calculus. Afterwards, this is applied to the visualization of air and fluid flows, including geometry-based, topology-based and feature-based methods. Further, the direct and indirect visualization of volume data is discussed. The lecture ends on the viualization of abstract, non-spatial and multi-dimensional data by means of information visualization.


Fundamentals of differential calculus. Knowledge on numerical mathematics, computer algebra systems, as well as ordinary and partial differential equations is an asset, but not required.


This course is concluded with a 120 minutes written exam.


Number 263-5701-00L
Lecturer Dr. Tobias Günther (
Language English
Course Location Lecture: NO C 6, Monday 10-12
Exercise: NO C 6, Monday 12-13
Credits 4