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Visualization - SS 21 - Course Project

Course Project

In the course project, students form groups of 3-4 people and build an interactive visualization of a real-world data set. The implementations should be based on the Visualization Tool Kit (VTK).


Most data sets originate from past IEEE Scientific Visualization Contests. Note that we provide only a subset of the original data to keep the file size somewhat reasonable. Feel free to download more data from the original VisContest websites.

The downloads are restricted to computers within the ETH Network (IP = 129.132.*, 195.176.*, 10.5.*, 10.6.*).


Below, you find more details on the schedule of the course project. The relevant documents will be published on Moodle.

Session Topic
22.02.2021 Topic Selection Open
Form the teams and tell us which topic you would like to take.
29.03.2021 Topic Selection Closed
Finalize your topic selection.
12.04.2021 Project Plan
Present the plan for your project. We talk with each team to help you refine the ideas.
By now, you should have managed to open the data sets!
03.05.2021 Milestone Presentation
What have you achieved so far? What is left to do?
31.05.2021 Final Presentation
Show your interactive visualizations.
14.06.2021 Submission Deadline
Upload the report, the source code and a video (if appropriate) via Moodle until 23:59. The upload information can be found in the template on Moodle.