Computer Graphics Laboratory ETH Zurich


Game Programming Laboratory - SS12 - Schedule

Each of the lectures will usually consist of the following three parts: a lecture on a general topic, information about the project structure, and a practical exercise part. In addition, meetings of the game teams with the supervisor to discuss the progress of the projects are held.

This presents a preliminary schedule and will be updated during the course of the lecture.

21.02.12 Course introduction, overview of game design, and conceptualization
Overview of project structure; game theme
Choose groups
28.02.12 Formal elements, dramatic elements, and technical elements
Soft skills
Exercise block I:
XNA engine setup, threads, and content loading
Libraries for XNA
Useful tipps and tricks
06.03.12 Understanding fun
Student presentations - Pitch of the game idea
13.03.12 Prototyping
Exercise block II:
From Maya to XNA
20.03.12 Student presentations - Formal game proposal + physical prototypes
27.03.12 Artifical Intelligence, sound, and controls
03.04.12 Student presentations - First Playable Demo
10.04.12 Easter Holiday/no class
17.04.12 Student presentations - Interim demos
24.04.12 Playtesting
01.05.12 Labor Day/no class
08.05.12 Student presentations - Alpha release demos
15.05.12 Field trip: History of Games (to be confirmed)
22.05.12 Functionality / completeness / balance
Student Presentations - Playtest Presentation
29.05.12 Final public presentations

The following assingnments will be given in class, and have to be completed by the shown dates. Most of them involve adding a chapter on a specific topic to the game project document.

Due date
March 5, 5pm Rough draft of the project proposal added to game notebook
March 12, 5pm Formal project proposal (final draft) added to game notebook
March 19, 5pm Prototype chapter added to game notebook
April 16, 5pm Interim report chapter of game notebook
May 7, 5pm Alpha release chapter of game notebook
May 14, 5pm Playtest chapter of game notebook
May 28, 5pm Conclusion chapter of game notebook
Demo Video

At the following dates presentations or demos will be given by the students during the class.

March 6 Pitch of the game idea
March 20 Formal game proposal and prototypes
April 3 First Playable demos
April 17 Interim demos
May 8 Alpha release demos
May 22 Playtest presentation
May 29 Final public presentation