Computer Graphics Laboratory ETH Zurich


Image Synthesis - SS12 - Schedule

Schedule (tentative)

The exercises will be updated according to the course schedule.

Topic Exercise
20.02.2012Opening lecture, Image Formation IExplanation of Base code
Exercise 1: Image Formation handed out.
27.02.2012Light & MatterQ&A
05.03.2012Monte Carlo Ray TracingExercise 1 Due
Exercise 2a: Sample Warping, handed out
12.03.2012Global Illumination IExercise 2a Due
Exercise 2b: Area Lights, Final Gather, Image-space PRT, handed out
19.03.2012Bidirectional Light TransportExercise 2b Due
Midterm review
26.03.2012Radiosity & Precomputed Radiance TransferMidterm Exam
Exercise 3 handed out
02.04.2012Participating Media IQ&A
23.04.2012Participating Media IIQ&A
30.04.2012Guest Talk by Thabo Beeler on Face ScanningExercise 3 Due
07.05.2012BRDF ModelsQ&A
14.05.2012Subsurface ScatteringQ&A
Closing Lecture
Open Q&A
01.06.2012Final Exam10am-12pm / HG F 33.5
06.06.2012Rendering Competition5pm-7pm / ML E12 (Changed)