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Mathematical Foundations of Computer Graphics and Vision - SS12 - Course Notes

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The course notes will be made available on this page. They are only accessible from ETH IP range.

Important: These slides were generated as course documentation only. They contain images with unknown copyright. Therefore, the slides are provided exclusively for students attending the course to study the course material. Please do neither copy nor distribute these documents.

  1. Introduction & Sparse Linear Algebra [PDF]

  2. Spectral Mesh Processing [PDF]

  3. K-Means Clustering and Lloyd's Algorithm [PDF]

  4. Tensors, Subspaces, and all that... [PDF]

  5. Dimension Reduction Techniques [PDF]

  6. Rigid Transformations [PDF]

  7. Metrics on SO(3), SE(3) and Inverse Kinematic [PDF]

  8. Non-linear Optimization [PDF]

  9. Variational Methods I [PDF]

  10. Variational Methods II [PDF]

  11. Variational Methods III [PDF]

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Please note that the material mentioned below is optional and is meant to help you understanding the course notes.
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