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Mathematical Foundations of Computer Graphics and Vision - SS13 - Home


This course will provide in-depth coverage of some fundamental mathematical tools that are widely used in current state of the art techniques in computer graphics and vision. For each covered topic we will showcase some important related applications. The course is designed in a bottom up fashion by first presenting the theory behind each covered topic and then by showing how these mathematical tools are applied to various cutting edge graphics and vision problems.

Course Objectives

The main goal of this course is to verse students in some of the key mathematical tools that are necessary to do research in computer graphics and vision. After successfully completing this course the student should be able to execute most of the thesis offered by the graphics and vision groups.

Course Work

The evaluation consists of an oral examination and a set of four optional programming homeworks. The optional homeworks are worth 40% of the total grade (10% each), and the rest of the grade comes from the oral examination. Therefore, the student have the possibility to choose among two examination options. Option #1: homeworks 40%, oral examination 60%; Option #2: oral examination 100%.


Introduction to Computer Graphics and Computer Vision. Some experience with C++ programming.

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