Computer Graphics Laboratory ETH Zurich


Physically-based Simulation - AS16 - Schedule

Tentative Schedule

Date Lecture
September 21 Introduction  
September 28 Mass-Spring Systems I E0: Project Plan + E1: Mass-Spring Systems
October 5 Mass-Spring Systems II  
October 12 Applied Partial Differential Equations E2: PDEs (E1 due)
October 19 Rigid Body Simulation  
October 26 Fluid Simulation I E3: Fluids (E2 due)
November 2 Continuum Mechanics with FEM Project Plan due
November 9 Fluid Simulation II Start Project (E3 due)
November 16 Guest lecture by M. Müller-Fischer
(NVIDIA Research Zurich)
November 23 Simulation of Shells and Rods  
November 30 Collision Detection and Response Mid-project milestone presentations
December 7 Fluid Simulation III  
December 14 "Guest" lecture by Bernhard Thomaszewski  
December 21 Demonstrations of Projects Projects due