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Physically-based Simulation - AS 18

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Hall of Fame

The second part of the semester comprises a mandatory project, where students create a small game or a demo scene using techniques learnt in class. This includes a mid-project presentation a few weeks before the end, and a final presentation in the last lecture of the semester. This project is made in groups of 2 or 3. At the end of a final presentation, there is a jury and audience award ceremony with cool prizes.


Rigid Body Simulation with SPH (Winner)

Marco Zimmerman, Philipp Brüschweiler

Marble Run

Romain Prevost, Werner Randelshofer, Shuk Yee Law

Beer Simulation

Max Forbes, Chris Dentel

Boat on Water Simulation

Enrico Kravina, Fabio Rambone, Yaron Tausky