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Physically-based Simulation - AS 18

Important: The following slides and exercises were generated as course documentation only. They contain images with unknown copyright. Therefore, the slides are provided exclusively for students attending the course to study the course material. Please do not distribute these documents.

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Lectures material

Session Material
19/09 Introduction [Slides]
26/09 Time integration [Slides]
ODE/PDE [Slides][Maple Code]
03/10 Rigid Bodies I [Slides]
10/10 Rigid Bodies II [Slides]
17/10 Mass-Spring System [Slides]
Finite Element Methods [Slides] [Matlab Codes]
24/10 Fluids I [Slides]
31/10 Fluids II [Slides]
14/11 Deformables II [Slides] [Matlab Codes]
21/11 Deformables III [Slides] [Matlab Codes]
28/11 Fluids III [Slides] (revised)
05/12 Fluids IV [Slides]

Exercises material

Session Material
19/09 Introduction [Slides] [Git repository]
26/09 EX1 - Time Integration [Slides][Solution]
03/10 EX2 - Rigid Body Rotation [Slides][Solution]
10/10 EX3 - Collision Handling [Slides][Solution]
17/10 EX4 - Mass-Spring System [Slides][Solution]
24/10 EX5 - Fluid Simulation [Slides][Solution]

Project Plan

Project Final Presentation