Computer Graphics Laboratory ETH Zurich


Physically-based Simulation - AS 20


The following table provides a tentative schedule for the lectures and the assignments. The corresponding material can be found on our Moodle site.

Date Lecturer Topic Assignment
15/09 Barbara Introduction Ex0 - Framework Compile & Run
22/09 Barbara Time integration, ODE/PDE Ex1 - Time Integration
29/09 Vinicius Rigid bodies I (Dynamics) Ex2 - Rigid Body Rotation
Project Team Formation Deadline
06/10 Vinicius Rigid bodies II (Collision Detection Ex3 - Collision Handling
13/10 Vinicius Fluid Simulation I (Eulerian) Ex5 - Fluids
20/10 Bernhard Deformable Objects I (MSS, FEM) Ex4 - Mass-Spring System
27/10 Bernhard Deformable Objects II (FEM) Submission of Project Plans
03/11 Bernhard Deformable Objects III (Shells and Rods)
10/11 Chris Wojtan Invited Lecture: Animating Water Surface Waves
17/11 Barbara Fluid Simulation II (SPH)
24/11 Markus Ihmsen Invited industry speaker from FIFTY2 Technology Project Milestone Presentation
01/12 Vinicius Fluid Simulation III (FLIP, Boundaries)
08/12 Vinicius Fluid Simulation IV (Advanced)
04/12 Vinicius Fluids III
15/12 Students Project demos Project Final Presentation
22/12 TBD TBD