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Scientific Visualization - SS 22 - Homework


The assignments will be published on Moodle, about one or two weeks before the due dates. Here we only list the schedule for the assignments. Note that the programming assignments are not mandatory and will not be graded. They are primarily meant to help you on your way towards the final course project.

How can I hand in my solutions to the theoretical assignments?

Upload your solution to Moodle before the exercise session begins. Late submissions will not be graded. Also, make sure the solution is intelligible, and we will only grade what we can recognize.

Due Topic
28.02.2022 Prog1: Installing VTK
07.03.2022 Prog2: Mesh Rendering in VTK
14.03.2022 Ex1: Scalar Fields, Morse-Smale, Critical Points
21.03.2022 Ex2: Laplace, Divergence, Curl
28.03.2022 Ex3: Nabla operator
11.04.2022 Ex4: Marching Squares, Contour Trees, Ray Marching
Prog3: Marching Cubes and Volume Rendering
09.05.2022 Ex5: Stream Lines, Numerical Integration
Prog4: Numerical Integration
16.05.2022 Ex6: Topological Skeleton, Linear Fields
23.05.2022 Ex7: Vortices, FTLE