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Scientific Visualization - SS 22 - Schedule


Below you find the planned schedule of the lectures and exercises. The schedule will be updated in accordance to the actual course schedule throughout the semester. The information on this page is subject to change and should not be construed as a commitment.

  • Theory Discussion: we will discuss the solution of the theoretical exercises. Due dates are here!
  • Programming Discussion: we will discuss and solve programming exercises.
  • Project Discussion: we will discuss the course project.
Lecture Topic Format Lecturer Exercise
21.02.2022Introduction & Data AbstractionPresenceProf. Tobias GüntherIntroduction to VTK
28.02.2022Perception & MappingPresenceProf. Markus GrossProg1
07.03.2022Scalar and Vector FieldsVirtualProf. Markus GrossProg2
14.03.2022Data StructuresVirtualProf. Tobias GüntherEx1
21.03.2022Indirect Volume VisualizationPresenceProf. Markus GrossEx2
28.03.2022Direct Volume VisualizationPresenceProf. Markus GrossEx3 - Team Selection
04.04.2022Elementary Methods
Geometry-based Methods I
PresenceProf. Tobias GüntherProject Plan
11.04.2022Geometry-based Methods IIPresenceProf. Tobias GüntherEx4 - Prog3
18.04.2022No lecture (Easter Monday)Presence--
25.04.2022No lecture (Sechseläuten)Presence--
02.05.2022Topology-based Methods IPresenceProf. Tobias GüntherMilestone Presentation
09.05.2022Topology-based Methods II
Image-based Methods
PresenceProf. Tobias GüntherEx5 - Prog4
16.05.2022Feature-based MethodsPresenceProf. Tobias GüntherEx6
23.05.2022Information VisualizationPresenceProf. Markus GrossEx7
30.05.2022SummaryPresenceProf. Tobias GüntherFinal Presentation