Computer Graphics Laboratory ETH Zurich


Computer Graphics - AS10 - Schedule

Schedule (tentative)

Topic Lecturerer
21.09.2010Opening lecture, overviewW. Jarosz
24.09.2010Ray Tracing I, ShadingW. JaroszAdministrative; 01 Raycasting; C++ recap
28.09.2010Introduction to Shape RepresentationsA. HornungQ&A
01.10.2010Ray Tracing IIW. Jarosz02 Raytracing
05.10.2010SamplingW. JaroszQ&A
08.10.2010Texturing, Procedural TexturesW. Jarosz03 KD-Tree
12.10.2010Procedural ModelingW. JaroszQ&A
15.10.2010Light Transport I, Light Transport IIW. JaroszQ&A
19.10.2010Light Transport III: Global IlluminationW. JaroszQ&A
22.10.2010Advanced Rendering TopicsW. Jarosz04 Textures
26.10.2010Advanced Rendering TopicsW. JaroszQ&A
29.10.2010Advanced Topics on Geometry RepresentationsA. HornungQ&A
02.11.2010Curves II. BaranQ&A
09.11.2010Curves IIA. HornungQ&A
12.11.2010Bezier CurvesA. Hornung06
16.11.2010Bezier Curves IIA. HornungQ&A
19.11.2010B-Splines and SurfacesI. Baran14:15-15:00 Q&A
23.11.2010Bezier SurfacesA. Hornung(no exercise session)
26.11.2010(no lecture)14:15-15:00 Q&A
30.11.2010Rational Curves and SurfacesA. Hornung(no exercise session)
03.12.2010Shader ProgrammingD. Nowrouzezahrai14:15-15:00 Q&A
07.12.2010Surface RepresentationsI. Baran(no exercise session)
10.12.2010Mesh ProcessingA. Hornung14:15-15:00 Q&A
14.12.2010Animation 1A. Hornung(no exercise session)
17.12.2010Animation 2A. Hornung14:15-15:00 Q&A
21.12.201008:15-10:00 in CAB G 56:
Rendering Competition Presentation
(no exercise session)
24.12.2010(no lecture)(no exercise session)