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Computer Graphics - AS13 - Homework

Assignments Assignments

The exercises will be published here about three weeks before the due dates.

Each programming exercise will be graded during the first exercise session after the due date in one of the two student labs in CAB. You are required to attend, and those absent will receive 0 points. Grading will be conducted on the lab machines in the student lab specified with each exercise.

To set up your personal website for programming exercises, please refer to Items 17–18 of this guide published by the ETH IT services. Further details may be found here.

Download is restricted to computers within the ETH Network (IP = 129.132.*, 195.176.*, 10.5.*, 10.6.*)

Handout Due Topic
24.09.2013 11.10.2013, 14:15h Surface Representation:
Theoretical Exercise
04.10.2013 25.10.2013, 14:00h
Grading at CAB H 56/57
Simple Raytracer:
Programming Exercise | JavaScript Slides | Raytracer Template JavaScript | Raytracer Template C/C++ | GLUT binaries for Win32
25.10.2013 08.11.2013, 14:00h
Grading at CAB H 57
Advanced Raytracing:
Programming Exercise | Supplementary Data and Code for C/C++
08.11.2012 29.11.2012, 14:00h
Grading at CAB H 56
BRDF and Textures:
Programming Exercise | Code Template | BRDF References
22.11.2013 13.12.2013, 14:00h
Grading at CAB H 56
Theoretical+Programming Exercise | Code Template