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Session Topic
Tue 17.09.2013 Introduction
Fri 20.09.2013 Shape Representation
Tue 24.09.2013 Polygonal Meshes
Fri 27.09.2013 Shape Acquisition | Texture Mapping
Tue 01.10.2013 Ray Tracing
Fri 04.10.2013 Shading
Tue 08.10.2013 Acceleration Structures I
Fri 11.10.2013 Acceleration Structures II | Sampling and Reconstruction
Tue 15.10.2013 Visibility culling
Fri 18.10.2013 Visibility culling (same slides)
Tue 22.10.2013 Radiosity
Fri 25.10.2013 Light Transport I
Tue 29.10.2013 Light Transport II (Updated!)
Fri 01.11.2013 Light Transport III
Tue 05.11.2013 Geometry of Curves
Fri 08.11.2013 Geometry of Curves (continued)
Tue 12.11.2013 Bezier Curves
Fri 15.11.2013 Bezier Curves II
Tue 19.11.2013 Tensor Surfaces
Fri 22.11.2013 B-Spline Curves
Tue 26.11.2013 Procedural Textures
Fri 29.11.2013 Procedural Modeling | Texture Synthesis
Tue 10.12.2013 Meshless Sampling and Reconstruction

Literature Slides | Applets | Code | Literature
  • Foley, van Dam, Feiner, Hughes: Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice, Addison-Wesley, 1996
  • Shirley, Ashikhmin, Gleicher, Marschner, Reinhard, Sung, Thompson, Willemsen: Fundamentals of Computer Graphics 2nd Edition, A K Peters 2005
Main book for modeling part
  • Farin: Curves and Surfaces for CAGD, Morgan Kaufman, 2002
Main book for rendering part
  • Pharr, Humphreys: Physically Based Rendering: From Theory to Implementation, Morgan Kaufmann, 2005