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Physically-based Simulation - AS 18

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Hall of Fame

The second part of the semester comprises a mandatory project, where students create a small game or a demo scene using techniques learnt in class. This includes a mid-project presentation a few weeks before the end, and a final presentation in the last lecture of the semester. This project is made in groups of 2 or 3. At the end of a final presentation, there is a jury and audience award ceremony with cool prizes.


Simulating Stability of 2D-Bridge (Winner and Most Popular)

Lars Christian Knieling, Eric Mink

In a Wobbly World (2nd place)

Simon Biland, Julian Mathew Collazo EscareƱo, Silvan Luca Melchior

Asteriod Field (3rd place)

Andreas Emch, Alexander Daniel Nikolaos Lelidis

Simulating Snow (4th place)

Yi-Lu Chen, Jingqiu Ding, Xingze Tian